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Want to know the secret to your improved health, happiness, and well 


Want to know the secret to your improved health, happiness, and THRIVING, NOT JUST SURVIVING?

Now You Can Create A Life Of Your Dreams… Have Extraordinary Relationships… Be The Best Version Of Yourself... Build an Incredible Career And... Live A More Fulfilled Life In The Next 60 Days..

Yes, I am ready to transform my life

Hey! Let me ask you a question..

Have you ever found yourself constantly being overlooked by your own people?


You are someone that is just not feeling "right", but don’t know what to do – Doctors keep telling you, "there is nothing wrong with you"?


Are you Finding it difficult to see your true self and being emotionally drained and overwhelmed all the time?


Going around in circles without making a decision… and feeling completely stuck?

Finding yourself in the mad mess of thoughts when things didn’t go as you planned…

Do you Find Yourself on The Roller Coaster of Life You Didn't Choose To Get On?

What’s worse...

It gives you worry and anxiety because you can’t be alone with your thoughts. And it feels like you’re going insane…

Often you find yourself in a state of emotional paralysis which makes you feel insecure and stressed.

And you feel all these uncontrolled thoughts and emotions are ruining your life…

You can't concentrate at work... You're afraid they'll let you go...

Your partner struggles with your constant mood swings and overreactions to everything.

Your self-assurance has diminished. An endless stream of thoughts causes anxiety and stress...

You've stopped caring for yourself... You've stopped caring about your appearance and diet...

Your health is deteriorating due to poor sleep... Your weekends and evenings are spent worrying about things that may never happen.

..."Maybe what I am doing is wrong?"

......"I wonder what people are going to think and say about me"

..."I hope I don’t embarrass myself or do something wrong".

And You Get Angry Because You're Tired Of Feeling Hopeless...and in Fear of being judged by your very own people…

After going through several dramatic life-changing events I’ve struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I was stuck dealing with an ongoing stream of negative thoughts..

I was angry and very anxious and scared. I completely lost my self-esteem and confidence...

But - I found a way to bounce back...

I found a way to calm my mind and take control of my thoughts and my emotions.

It helped me rebuild my confidence. It gave me strengths to overcome life challenges.

It helped me grow and create the life of my dreams and find true happiness.

And it was not because of my magical superpowers (I have none)...

my talents…
my luck... or
my family background...

See - I’ve discovered the real reason why only a small percentage of people create the life of their dreams and the rest live in the land of misery and being overwhelmed about each and every thing in their life...

Something that helps them achieve amazing life-changing results…And today you can have it too!

  • Feel relaxed and happy because you’re in control of your thoughts and emotions.

  • Feel confident no matter what happens in life because that confidence will come from within.

  • Feel deeply loved and connected with the person you see in the mirror.

  • Have strong relationships with people you love.

  • Have passionate and intimate relationships with someone who truly respects and accepts you.

  • Feel excited about the next day because it will bring new opportunities...and new adventures.

  • Build the business of your dreams so you can finally become your own boss and create unlimited abundance and joy..

Sounds too good to be true?

Then keep reading to see how these simple methods can transform your life…
Like it did for me and many of my clients.

Yes, I am ready to transform my life

Due to high demand, we have limited spots left

Hey, it’s Sarah!! 

A certified Kinesiologist and Life Coach who struggled with health issues for over 20 years.

I am very happy to say that I am now thriving and I am the mother of two amazing daughters!

I grew up on a farm near Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia.

Look - I didn’t come from a rich and ultra-successful family. I can describe my childhood with one word "HARDSHIP"

We always had very limited resources.
We could not afford to travel.
We could not afford to go to places.
I had to pay for my own education and look after my home and family..

My parents divorced, and when I was 11 years old, my mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer, leaving me in charge of our farm and my younger sisters. Despite my life's ups and downs, I began working at a young age and traveled abroad to find work. Just as life was about to get back on track, it smacked me!

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I kept being told there was nothing wrong with me .. and doctors gave me 350 sleeping tablets so I wouldn’t have to keep going back to get repeat subscriptions. Lucky I wasn’t suicidal!!

Later I met one of the naturopaths and after extensive testing with a mixture of a very strict eating regime and taking loads of supplements, I started to feel better.

I can still remember the day I woke up and thought “OMG, is this how a human is supposed to feel?”. I had energy, no pain and felt enthusiastic and motivated about life!

So I started thinking…

Like me there will be many people who can't find answers from doctors ..

Being a person of action, I decided to study something that would help others that were repeatedly told that there was “nothing wrong with them”. Like it had been for me, each day was a struggle for them and they were living in Survival Mode as I had done for years…

And at some stage, I said ENOUGH… and just walked out of it...

It was mentally challenging… I had to rebuild my life.

I got rid of being overwhelmed, past trauma and everything that was holding me back…

I Came Out Of That Experience Empowered, Confident And
Ready To Conquer Bigger And Brighter Goals in my Life.

All Thanks To Kinesiology … It has given me the gift of self-awareness
and acceptance to Overcome The Toughest Challenge Of My Life.

It’s time to rise to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF

You know you are capable of more. You know that you deserve to achieve and be more. You know that you are ready to rise.

And that is why you are here, I am ready to guide and support you...

You may feel stuck in a rut, frustrated and overwhelmed and don't know how to get out of it. You know you want more for yourself, but you aren't quite sure what that looks like.

You have lived with the status quo for so long that you have lost confidence and belief that you can achieve any more.

If you are going to reach your full potential and be the best version of you, then you know you need to identify and focus on the small steps that will take you there, and identify and remove the blockers that stand in your way.

But days turn into weeks, weeks into months and before you know it another year has passed, and you are doing the same things, and achieving the same results.

The same behaviors, the same habits, just surviving.

It is time to change, it is your time to rise..

No more survival. Time to thrive..

Yes, I am ready to transform my life

Do you want...


to get rid of the issue you are struggling with once and for all?

to break free of anxiety, lack of confidence, fears or a phobia?

to start believing in yourself and learn to see your worth?

to stop comparing yourself to everyone else?

to learn how to stop over thinking and beating yourself up?

to learn how to be happier and create a calm and balanced emotional state no matter what life is throwing at you?

Do you want...


to quit emotional eating or other addictions and get off the hamster wheel of trying to control food, your body and diets?

to learn how to create a healthy and happy body image, without food, weight and diets taking up your brain space?

to learn how to have happier and healthier relationships with the opposite partner?

to create a life that feels so good you simply cannot wait to get going?


Tools for life uses a holistic approach to health. It is an individually designed program unlike other courses or programs.

As every single person is so different and the trick and art of detective work is to find out exactly what is happening in your life and in your body.

There is no judgment so you can openly share about the main stressor.

We will consciously explore the best solutions and communicate with your mind, body, soul and energy systems, to facilitate deep level understanding of your problems.

How does it work?

One on One 60 minute Zoom sessions online

Session-by-session home reinforcement. Weekly homework tasks with takeaways to apply between sessions. Everyone's homework will be different.

Consciously explore the best solutions and communicate with your mind, body, soul and energy systems, to facilitate deep level understanding of your problems.

Worksheets for the powerful tools you’ll be learning which you can revisit for years to come.

Unlimited follow up support & questions via email for the duration of the coaching sessions

My Quick 3 Life hack tools which you can use anytime anywhere


1) Deep Dive Power Session

Most common for a quick deep dive into one specific issue causing stress, typically for past clients looking for a refresher on core values work or dealing with an acute situation they are seeking help with.

I don’t typically work with new clients for only a single session, but feel free to reach out so we can see if this would be appropriate for your situation.

- 90-minute “face to face” Zoom session

- Deep dive into a single issue (stress, anxiety etc) and what’s causing it

-Actionable takeaways (may also include workbooks) to put in place immediately

- Unlimited follow up support & questions via email following the session for 1 week

$350 AUD (1 Session)

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2) VIP most popular package

This 3 to 5 month program is perfect for you if you have :

-Multiple goals or issues to overcome such as feeling stuck, help reducing stress or anxiety, learning to become more self-compassionate, or seeking lessons.

-This package is enough time for us to work together to uncover the root of certain issues and provide you with the tools and guidance to create lasting change. 

-Tailored package with total 8 1:1 sessions together

$1999 AUD
(8 Sessions) 

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Is this a 1:1 session?

Yes, the sessions will be conducted 1:1 via zoom.

What if I’m stuck at some point and need quick help?

Do not worry! You have two best options - either contact me via [email protected] or post your query on our private FB group.

Are there any refunds?

I get it, you want to be sure that you’ll get a solution to your problem, but hey! Here’s my guarantee to you, If you follow everything we discuss and do your assignments in 3 months you’ll start seeing the results from our first session itself!

How can I know you are the right person for my worry?

Great question! That’s the reason we have a free consultation where we go over your problems and things that are worrying you at present. Once we are both comfortable that we can do some great work together, we can organize a full session

Can any one opt for this session irrespective of age, gender?

Yes, definitely! We all have some kind of blockage that makes us feel unworthy, low self-esteem, health and/or relationship issues. I work with women, men, and children too.

Do you provide sessions in person?

I do provide sessions in my clinic. However, due to distance and physical accessibility, online sessions are extremely effective too. I currently help clients all over Australia and a heap of other countries too

What if I am not available for the time I booked your slot?

No problem. Just notify me via email and I will schedule a call as per your flexibility.

How long do I have access to the Facebook group?

The FB group will be at your fingertips forever with lifelong access! We understand the community and its effective wave of learning while helping each other. So, yeah, Happy learning!

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept payments in Stripe

Can I upgrade my Monthly package to Quarterly?

Yes Definitely! Once we start working from day 1 if you can always upgrade the package. You can notify me over our 1:1 session or via email.

Still, got any questions??

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