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Do you resonate with any of these?

  • You are someone that is just not feeling "right", but don’t know what to do – you keep getting told, "there is nothing wrong with you"?

  • An anxious,overwhelmed working mother unable to balance life?

  • Are you a father who is working so hard for the family, but you are feeling down and keep it to yourself?

  • Do you and your partner argue too much?

  • Are there adolescents who are unable to cope with life, irritable and aggressive?

  • A hardworking individual who is dissatisfied with their job and unable to advance in their career?

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    And the list goes on.

    I heard you right there!

    I know it's not easy to overcome certain emotions that make us want to live on the street... relieve the pain that leads to more unhappiness!

    We've adapted...

    I've been there..

    What makes me the right person to help you?


    Hey, I am Sarah!! I am a certified Kinesiologist and Life Coach who struggled with health issues for over 20 years. I am very happy to say that I am now thriving and I am the mother of two amazing daughters!

    I grew up on a farm in Rural NSW, Australia. Life on the farm had it’s challenges and I had to build my resilience through all the ups and downs.

    In 1990 I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but doctors didn’t know about CFS then, so I was repeatedly told there was nothing wrong with me……but deep down, I knew that I wasn’t right.

    Everything in my life felt heavy, I was really hard on myself for not being able to keep up with everyone else. I had no idea what “Emotional Intelligence” was. I was not happy in my own skin and I was struggling with constantly feeling physically and emotionally drained.

    Ahh! The list just goes on and on...But. I NEVER GAVE UP (although I came so close to giving up so many times)!

    Would you like to feel balanced and start thriving?  

      Let me get straight to you.. How this FREE QUICK SESSION works!

    • Talk about the things that are impacting you.

    • I often ask, "If I could give you one pill that made your life wonderful, what would that magic pill do?"

    • Discuss what the main contributors to stress may be.

    • We will discuss how you would feel if these stressors were removed.

    • We will discover what the factors could be underlying the reason you are feeling like you are.

    • 3 Natural Stress-Relieving Hacks to gain confidence and clarity.

    • Learn simple but effective ways to manage your emotions and energy levels.

    • Finally, a lifelong friend you can turn to for support without fear of being judged:)

    Why not take action to make positive changes and
    feel balanced today?

    Yes, Sign me up!

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    (A Certified Kinesiologist & Life Coach with 20 years of experience)

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    Still thinking of signing up for Free Session?

    What’s stopping you from making this decision? You are not going to lose a penny for this! All that you could lose is some feelings of stress and overwhelm:)

    So, are you the action-taker in your life?

    If you said yes, then read on...

    Allow me to introduce you to the new you...

    You may be wondering why I am doing this.

    Well, I know how I would have loved to have had someone to reach out to help when I needed help... And now I just want to be a ray of hope for all the people who are losing hope..

    Book your spot now!

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    Is this session paid later once I sign up?

    Not at all!

    How can I know you are the right person for my worries?

    Great question! That’s the reason we have a free consultation where we go over your problems and things that are worrying you at present. Once we are both comfortable that we can do some great work together, we can organize a full session.

    Can anyone opt for this session irrespective of age or gender?

    Yes, definitely! We all have some kind of blockage that makes us feel unworthy, low self-esteem, health and/or relationship issues. I work with women, men, and children too.

    What if I am unavailable at the time I reserve your slot?

    No problem. Just notify me via email [email protected] and I will schedule a call as per your flexibility.

    Do you offer in-person sessions?

    I do conduct balances in my clinics. However, because we may be physically a long way apart, online are also extremely effective. I currently assist clients from all over Australia as well as a number of other countries

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